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Our History

Since 1984, Wade Emerson has been in the senior market. He and his growing staff at Emerson Insurance and Financial Services, located at 1905 Rickety Lane, Tyler, Texas, has offered many products such as Medicare Supplements, Long-Term Care, Annuities, and Life insurance, as well as Medicare (Part D) Prescription Drug Plans.

They pride themselves in providing exceptional customer service to Tyler and the surrounding states. Business is booming even through these trying financial times due to the increase of the senior population since Tyler was named the state's first certified retirement community. Mr. Emerson feels blessed because he and his staff have been able to assist thousands of retirees. His main focus is to help protect seniors from the high cost of medical care with supplemental coverage tailored to fit their individual needs.

Customer Service is the most important aspect of the daily operations at Emerson Insurance, and remains the corner stone of his business. His best advertising is friends telling friends and relatives, and great customer service is the key element.